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  • Rice Hulls - 1 LB bag

    • A natural, easy way to help prevent a stuck mash
    • Used to aid in filterability when you’re doing all-grain brewing with a high percentage of wheat or oats
    • Not impart any flavor to the finished beer
    • Enables the brewer to produce an unlimited variety of beer styles without using a cereal cooker
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  • Flaked Rye - 10lbs

    • Pregelatinized Rye Flakes contribute a clean, distinctive rye flavor
    • The naturally occurring enzymes help make the starches readily soluble and digestible
    • Adds a crisp and slightly spicy character
    • Use up to 40% as a cereal adjunct in the total grist to create a rye beer
    • Lovibond: 3
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  • Briess White Wheat Malt - 50 LB Bag

    • Can be used as a base malt in any wheat beer recipe or in smaller amounts in other styles of beer
    • Has a milder wheat character than Red Wheat Malt
    • Wheat flavors are fully detectable, yet they are somewhat subdued by layered flavors of bread and dough
    • Often used in Weiss beir, Weizenbier, Hefeweizen, Koelsch or any Belgian Ale
    • Can also be used in smaller amounts in any homebrew recipe to increase the beers head retention
    • Provides a deep golden to brown color
    • Lovibond 2.5
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  • Briess Goldpils® Vienna Malt - 50 LB Bag

    • Goldpils® Vienna Malt is a superb example of a classic malt
    • Less sweet than Pale Ale Malt
    • Offers complexity and depth with a toasted note at the finish for your classic Vienna, Oktoberfest and Marzen beers
    • Less modified than Pale Ale Malt and less intensely kilned than Munich Malts
    • Use this malt at up to 100% for traditional German Lagers and rich, full flavored dark beers
    • Provides a delicious maltiness to IPA's when used as 10% of your overall grain bill.
    • Lovibond 3.5
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  • Briess 2-Row Distiller's Malt - 50 LB Bag

    • By far the most popular base malt used in home brewing. 
    • Recommended for most styles of beers
    • Exceptionally high alpha amylase and diastatic power for maximum fermentable yield
    • Adds a smoother, more malty flavor without any excessive tannic bitterness
    • Lovibond 2.4
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