New England IPA

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  • SafAle™ S-33 Dry Brewing Yeast - 11.5 grams

    Ideal yeast to enhance hoppy and fruity expressions of your ale beers

    • Easy 2 Use™. E2U™ certification means you can choose to pitch directly into the wort, or proceed to rehydration. It makes no difference, it’s up to you. 
    • Ingredients: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), emulsifier E491 
    • Fruity driven strain, gives a high mouthfeel and body to the beer. Ideal for Belgian Ales (Blond, Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel Styles) and strong English ales (ex. Imperial Stouts). It is also ideal for New England IPAs. 
    • Yeast with a medium sedimentation: forms no clumps but a powdery haze when resuspended in the beer. 

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