Frequently Asked Questions

Beer/Wine making

This is for all questions related to beer/wine making 

open-close-arrowWhy Is my Wine not Foaming and does that mean it is not Fermenting?
  1. Confirm where on the protein spectrum your fruit is items on the higher end like strawberries and peaches will foam more than items on the lower end like apples and cranberries 
  2. Confirm what yeast you are using. Some yeast foam more than others. Yeast like Red star Premier Classique will make more foam than other yeast like the Red Star Cote des Blance’ 
  3. Just because there is no yeast does not mean it is not fermenting. The best way to know if your wine is fermenting is by getting hydrometer readings for a few days and compare the numbers to see if it is fermenting or not. 
Last updated on Mar 15, 2021
open-close-arrowWhy is my yeast not working?
  1. Check expiration date
  2. Confirm Temperature of liquid you are putting it into. You want the temperature to be around 72F
  3. Confirm the temperature where you are storing the liquid you want the temperature between 65F-85F
  4. If using any product to kill wild yeast like Camden tablets make sure to wait 24 hours before adding yeast 
  5. Confirm you allowed 24-72 hours after adding yeast to start to see formation. 
  6. The yeast still may be working without being able to tell. The way to confirm it is working is by added to your liquid and testing a few days apart with a hydrometer

Note: just because you do not see bubbles does not mean it is not working.

Last updated on Aug 15, 2022


Questions regarding Warranty, Ordering, Shipping, and more  

open-close-arrowI ordered a product on amazon and it came damaged, What do I do?

Fill out the warranty claim form on the bottom of the website and include your amazon order number and we will do what we can to take care of the issue. 

Last updated on Mar 15, 2021
open-close-arrowMy order shows shipped but I never received, Where is it?

The best option at this point is to contact your local post office, they can access more information about the delivery than you or I can and may be able to assist you in locating it. If you need your tracking number send us a message and we can get that for you. 

Last updated on Mar 15, 2021
open-close-arrowWhy can't I enter my quantity?

If you get an error while entering a qty that is due to you are requesting more than we have in inventory at this time. 

Last updated on Mar 7, 2024

Jars and Bottles

This is anything related to the jars or bottles including but not limited to how to use things like shrink bands. 

open-close-arrowCan I use a cork on a threaded wine bottle?

No, The mouth of the cork finish bottle is larger to accommodate the cork. 

Last updated on Mar 15, 2021
open-close-arrowCan I use plastic lids on my syrup bottles that was ordered with metal lids?

No, the thread is different so the lids are not interchangeable 

Last updated on Mar 7, 2024
open-close-arrowDo you offer a Bulk ordering discounts?

Only on orders over 20 cases. If it is a product we offer bulk savings on you can go into the product information page and and there will be a chart showing the bulk savings. Note: If it is not listed on the product your looking at send us an email at and we will let you know if that product has a discount. 

Last updated on Mar 15, 2021
open-close-arrowHow are the shrink bands used?

After sealing your lid slide the shrink band over the lid and apply heat to melt the band and cause an air tight seal. 

Last updated on Mar 15, 2021
open-close-arrowHow do you use the Twist & Seal caps?

slide it on the bottle and twist locking it in place.

Last updated on Mar 15, 2021
open-close-arrowWhen Will an item be back in stock?

We get stock a few times a week. We recommend clicking the notify me button on the product details and we will send you a message once back in stock.  

Last updated on Mar 15, 2021
open-close-arrowWhy Does my cork/stopper keep popping out of my fermenting jug?

If you do not leave enough head space in the carboy while fermenting the gas will cause the stopper to pop off. This can also happen if the neck on the jug is wet due to the stopper will not have anything to grip to.

Last updated on Mar 7, 2024