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  • North Mountain Supply Glass Triple Scale Hydrometer - Specific Gravity 0.990 to 1.60.- Potential ABV 0-16% - Sugar Per Liter 0-341

    • Glass Triple Scale Hydrometer - Specific Gravity Scale: 0.990 to 1.60. - Potential ABV Scale: 0-16% - Sugar Per Liter Scale: 0-341
    • We guarantee that our products will arrive undamaged and free of defects - Covered under our 30 day hassle free replacement warranty
    • Comes packaged in a protective hard plastic case
    • Easy to use, just float the hydrometer in your beer or wine
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  • Triple Scale Hydrometer - Potential ABV - SG

    • Used to determine the specific gravity of your beer or wine
    • Specific Gravity is used to determine the alcohol level of your beer or wine and to monitor the fermentation progress
    • A must have for anybody making wine or beer at home
    • SG scale 0.80-1.150
    • Potential ABV scale 0-16%
    • Sugar per liter scale 0-34
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  • Vinometer

    • Used for testing the percentage of alcohol in a finished wine
    • Reads 0 to 25%
    • Most accurate when testing dry wines where very little residual sugar is present
    • Simple to use
    • Comes with directions
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  • Specific Gravity Combo Kit


    • Plastic hydrometer test jar with removeable base
    • Test jar bumper/saver
    • Triple scale hydrometer
    • Dual scale liquid crystal thermometer
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  • Dual Purpose Hydrometer

    • Measures the specific gravity of beer, wine, or wort
    • A tool that should be in every beer or wine makers toolbox

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  • Thermohydrometer - Combination of Thermometer & Hydrometer

    • Measure specific gravity and potential alcohol
    • Includes a thermometer allowing you to correct your reading for the temperature of the sample
    • Range from 20-120°F
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