Temperature Control

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  • North Mountain Supply Fermentation Cooler Bag

    • Designed to keep your brew or wine at a constant temperature even in hot climates
    • An economical and space saving substitute for expensive refrigerator modifications
    • Fits all carboys up to 6.5 gallons with airlock attached
    • Fits all standard fermenters up to 8 gallons with airlocks attached
    • To cool just add ice packs, bottles or bags of ice or other cold objects (use your imagination) and switch out as needed to keep within the target temperature range
    • To heat use a heating pad with thermostat control
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  • Cool Brewing Fermentation Jacket for Fastferment

    • The Insulated Jacket is a system that's affordable & gets the job done 
    • Creates ideal brewing & winemaking temperatures in the FastFerment
    • Works with the wall mounts & with the stand
    • In hot climates, add 2L bottles of ice to cool it down, switching them out every 2-5 days
    • In cool climates, simply add a heating pad.
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  • Cool Brewing Home Brewing Fermentation Cooler

    • Cooler offers a simple, yet effective means of controlling fermentation temperatures
    • Without the high costs associated with customizing a refrigerator
    • This quality-built fermentation cooler is insulated, waterproof
    • Completely sealable and specifically designed to control fermentation temperatures
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