Who really loves to open a can of peaches and taste the metal can? Did you know there is a way around that? There is a way to make it so you can enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, jelly’s, and jam’s regardless of the time of year. This can be achieved through canning and it is so easy an older child or teenager could do it (with parental supervision that is). 

            Canning is as simple as putting your items in a jar seasoning them and sealing it. Canning is the best way to preserve food because where freezing your items can get freezer burnt and buying store bought goods after a while they taste like a can. With canning your items stay good for years sometimes even longer than store canned items.  For this Blog, I will use peaches. 

How to Can Peaches at Home


 30 large ripe peaches 

12 cups hot water

 6 cups white sugar 


  1. Wash and sanitize your jars 
  2. Put canning lids in a hot simmering pan of water


  1. Peel, core, and slice your peached 

  1. Mix sugar and warm water together till all sugar is dissolved 

  1. Fill jars with peaches leaving about a half inch from the bottom of the rim 

  1. Pour sugar water in jars to cover fruit still leaving the half inch 

  1. Slide a clean knife down the inside of the jar in a few locations to get all air bubbles out

  1. Wipe off mouth of jar with a warm damp cloth to clean any syrup that dripped 

  1. Use a fork and remove a lid from the simmering water and quickly place on top of the jar and quickly screw your ring on

  1.  Fill water bath canner half full with water and place jars in wire rack

  1. Slowly lower into the canner and add more water till you have 1” over the top of the jars 

  1. Cover with lid and bring to a raging boil

  1. Set timer for 25 minutes and turn temperature down to a soft boil 

  1. Once time is up remove jars from canner and let sit on counter to cool

  1. Check that all have sealed you can do so my making sure the top of the lid is flat by the finger test method and that the jar popped 

  1. Mark your lids by date and produce and store in a cool dark place

 And that is it, you just canned your first harvest of peaches!!

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