With the holidays upon us, you may have been one of the chosen that received brewing equipment as a gift and you are probably wondering what now? Making your first batch of homebrew may seem intimidating, but if you break the steps down, it is a simplistic process that will give you a great reward in the end. I remember my first kit and how I put off my “brew-day” because of the daunting task. 

     I enlisted the help of a friend who had been brewing for years for some advice and all I got was accolades on how great it would be. So, with some courage I unpacked everything, looked at my recipe from the kit I received and tried to put it all together mentally before diving into the process.  I also looked at a couple videos which have been a tremendous help, recalling that one of them said to start with a cold pint before anything else.

     One of the main concerns with brewing is cleanliness and sanitation. If you take extra time to ensure your equipment is clean, it will pay off in the long run. You can find many sanitation products at North Mountain Supply, all of which will keep your brewing a success. Now, have I been absolutely perfect, no. My daughter has thrown rocks in the brew kettle while in the mash stage, a falling leaf here and there (when brewing outside), as well as having wondered which brew spoon was the sanitized one. Regardless, they all turned out fine.

     Bottom line……relax and enjoy a pint or two while brewing and chances are it will turn out fine or you may create something completely unexpected (much like my Driveway IPA courtesy of my daughter).d

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